Sunday, January 1, 2012

My Top Five Style Icons of 2011

Hey babes it's Ashley here with another post! How was everyone’s New Years? I hope you all rang in the new year with a bang. So, speaking of 2011 I have compiled… yes another list! This time I am putting the spotlight on my top fashionistas of the year. Let us begin with…

Anyone close to me knows I ADORE our First Lady! From her sheath dresses to her skinny waist belts she brought "classy chic" back. Her clothes are always tailored to fit her body perfectly, she is definitely the new Jackie O.

Is that Hermione Granger? LOL, yes it is! Her fashion has done a total 180 and I love it. From her new Twiggy haircut to her statement jewelry, you can always count on her to bring a mix of avante-garde and youthful fashion. 

I loveeeeee the Kardashians, especially Kimmie and no one can deny that she, Kourtney and Khloe have great fashion. And all of their styles are very distinct. Kim is classic, Khloe rocker and Kourtney boho-chic. I would raid all of their closets.

I dieeee for Rachel Zoe! She is such a trendsetter it's ridiculous; fur vests, check; statement jewelry, check! She began it all. Not to mention she is like the Chanel queen (I <3 Chanel)! Her clothing line is luxe as well, I'd go bananas for the entire line.

and last but certainly not least...

Bold. Edgy. Eclectic. Words that describe Rihanna's effortlessly cool style. She is truly in a class all by herself, no one can pull off an outfit like she can. Even her hair! How many women can pull off Kool-Aid red hair and still look like a gem? Yep, not too many. No matter what color her hair is or if she is on stage or on the red carpet, Rihanna is 2011's Top Style Icon.

I loved creating this post; I am always looking to celebrities for style inspiration. Is there anyone you thought deserved to be on the list? Leave me comments and let me know! Remember make fashion simple, and then add a touch of glam. Smooches!

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