Monday, January 16, 2012

Weaved Up!

New weave ya'll!!! Excuse the makeup-less face o_O. But it's Jaz' here and im showing off my new 'do. This is a full sew-in using Premium Too hair in a color 1b. I used 2 and a half bags to achieve this style. The bags were in lengths 16in', 14in', and 10in'. I also used one track of blond hair as a highlight in the bang. I wanted to put a subtle pop of color into this weave 'do without it being too obvious, overdone, or ghetto. Now I have used Premium Too hair before and it always last pretty well, maintains its thickness and its manageability with proper care. It does shed however, but not excessively. Because I just installed this weave less than a week ago, I haven't yet experienced any of those problems with this install. I plan on keeping this weave for about 2 months. As I near the end of that time period I may cut the weave into a bob for more longevity and a little variety. If I choose to do so, I will definitely update you guys. At any rate, hope you guys like my hair. I know I do! Until next time!!!

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