Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Project Runway All Stars Recap: Episode One

So I just finished catching a re-run of the first episode of “Project Runway All Stars”! This edition of the popular reality show has been highly anticipated; possibly because of the popularity of Tyra Banks’ “Top Model All Stars” edition. You know Heidi and Tyra go wayyy back J Any-who I really enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, I was really surprised though that none of the All Stars came from season 3 (I would have loved to see Michael Knight). Let's start with what I liked and disliked:

When I tuned in I really was unaware that the original judges were not present L I mean between Heidi Klum saying “one day you’re in and the next day you’re out” and Tim Gunn telling the designers before the runway show “make it work, make it work!” …I mean these things MAKE the show. They are sorely missed. But there was one thing, or person I was very happy to see...

My little retro diva is back! I adored her in season 5. Although she could be a little snarky and whiny, no one can deny her vintage designs were always well made and most of the time well received by the judges. Who can forget that GORGEOUS feather wedding dress she made (shown above)? Like I literally want to get married in this dress, it is so Mad Men. She was safe on tonight’s episode and I can’t wait to see what ideas she has up her sleeves.

OKAY the challenge of tonight’s episode was “Uncoventional” meaning the contestants had to create a high fashion inspired look from materials bought at the 99cent store! Their budget for this challenge was $100. I thought this challenge was super cool, I love seeing them turn pipe cleaners into couture LOL! Let’s take a look at the winners and losers shall we…

For Sweet Pea her Project Runway journey is officially done! Her dress was made out of washcloths and I must say I was extremely disappointed in her design. This looks like it should be at Wal-Mart for $10! This is the ALL STARS you need to go big or go home; and in her case that’s exactly what happened. I wish her all the best though.  

RAMI KASHOU! If you caught season four you will remember him as “The Master of Draping” and though he made exquisite clothes, the judges felt his talents were a little one dimensional and that he was not an innovative designer. Well he definitely disproved that tonight. This dress is so avante-guard it is ridiculous and guess what it is mostly made of? UMBRELLAS! Yes dollar store umbrellas! MARVELOUS, MARVELOUS *air kisses to you Rami*

and the runner up is:

MONDO! Even though he did not win, I thought his dress was adorable and worth mentioning. Let me just say I was devastated when Mondo lost in season eight. His clothes are so girly and fun and flattering to a woman’s body. His dress was made out of garbage bags and binders! The talent on this show is mind blowing. I have a feeling he will be a lead contender this time around as well.

So this was my RECAP POST, I love Project Runway and I plan to start doing one weekly so stay tuned. Remember make fashion simple; and then add a touch of glam.  *Auf Wiedersehen in my Heidi Klum voice* which is German for goodbye!

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