Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Style Star Throwback: Marilyn Monroe

Beautiful, mysterious and sexy; all things Marilyn Monroe embodied. I could not do a "Style Star Throwback" and NOT include her. I love me some Norma Jeane, I have her allll over my house. She is just an icon in every way, especially her style. Legends never die. 

The Inspiration

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. 
-Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Inspired Items

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Her style is timeless! Marilyn was all about form fitting silhouettes and glam accessories. We all have a little bit of Marilyn in us; be inspired! 

The Best Products for Clear and Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is very important when trying to achieve a haute look. Most girls do not feel confident if their skin is going bananas. But no worries, here is a list of products I use to keep my skin smooth and supple. 

I love, love, love Noxzema Skin Products! I have used them since I was 15 and they have never failed me. Not only are they inexpensive, they are very accessible. Almost any grocery store or drug store carries them. My favorite products from the line are the cleansing pads and cleansing cream. 

The key to moisturizing your face is that you have to remember what is good for your body is not always beneficial for your face and neck. Clinique Moisturizing Lotion is THE BEST hands down! It's light yet creamy and gives me a good base when applying my makeup. Anytime I run out of this stuff I have to go out and get some more asap because it is essential. Best of all, it doesn't clog your pores.

This is another product I have been using forever. You can normally find Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask at drug stores. This product is cheap and it works! I'm not one to have blemishes unless it is time for my cycle, but in those emergency situations this mask dries them right up!

St. Ives Apricot Scrub can be found in most drug stores as well. Exfoliation is so important for your skin so don't skip out on it! 

Skin Care Tips
  • Always, ALWAYS wash off your makeup before bed, I do this just to take a NAP! Sleeping in your makeup causes premature wrinkles and nobody wants that.
  • Water is key! I always notice that my skin has more of a glow when I have been staying hydrated. 
  • Get plenty of sleep! I always try to aim for 7-9 hours if possible.

Well that's all folks! I hope you all enjoyed this post. A good skin care routine is vital for looking your best. Try some of the products on my list and tell me what you think! Remember make fashion simple; and then add a touch of glam. 

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Head to Head: Viva La Juicy vs. Peace Love & Juicy

Hey bloggers, its Jaz' here and I wanted to compare two popular Juicy Couture fragrances to give you all my take on the scents and which one I think wins in a head to head battle.

Okay lets start with VIVA LA JUICY:
This scent has vanilla, sandlewood, honeysuckle, and jasmine as some of its most prevalent components giving it a rich scent with strong floral notes. Vanilla is probably the strongest scent though, making the perfume undeniably sweet and feminine. Its a very strong scent in my opinion and it lasts all day. Best for nighttime, this is definitely one for my glam divas.

This scent has meyer lemon, honeysuckle, sweet red apple, jasmine, and magnolia as some of its most prevalent components giving it a light fruity scent mixed with sweet florals. This bright scent is also very feminine and soft, though the citrus gives it the punch it needs to grab attention. Coined by some as the "hippie-scent" of the brand, it seems like a scent for my eccentric, go-with-the-flow girlies.

The Verdict: I think Peace, Love, & Juicy wins this head to head, simply because I think its much more versatile. It gives you the best of both worlds by combining citrusy scents with florals to give a smell that is light and fun enough for day, yet flirty and sassy enough for night. Both are great fragrances, but I think that Viva La Juicy has its place more in night time scenes and special events. Peace, Love, & Juicy is my signature scent and I love that I can wear it everyday if I choose and not feel "overdone" in the scent department. And as I said before it still makes enough of a statement that I get complimented during nights out with lots of "mmmm's" and "oohhh you smell good's". Viva La Juicy will still remain a scent I switch it up with when I get the urge because it is quite a lovely scent also. Besides the smell, two very important factors in picking your signature scent are your personality and how the scent mixes with your body composition. Viva La Juicy may make a great signature scent for someone whose personality and body composition differ from mine.

Until next time!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

♥ Get Ready for Valentines Day ♥

Hey dolls, Jaz' here! Valentines' Day is right around the corner and I know you girls wanna look your best on this special, lovely day. So I'm here with a few tips and ideas for you all to look your best. Lets start with the face.


My take on makeup for Valentines Day is that it should be very natural for the most part. Play up your natural beauty by enhancing but not over-covering the features that attracted your beau to you in the first place. For a day-date, I would suggest a neutral eye with some winged liner and either a nude or a warm pink lip-glossed, lip. Kind of the flawless, no-makeup makeup look. If you are going out at night of course you want to be a little more dramatic with your look. For this, I would suggest a cat-eye, some blush that is complimentary to your skin tone, and a either a bold red or bold pink lip achieved with lipstick. If you, however, feel that your eyes are a better feature for you than your lips you may want to do a smokey eye and keep everything else very, very neutral. Ultimately the real rule here is to play to what you feel is your most naturally beautiful feature, enhance it, and leave everything else fairly simple. Take inspiration from the makeup looks on these ladies below:


Now with hair, I will just give you guys a few photo suggestions, but for the most part, I suggest something fun, flowy, and feminine.

Short to Medium Length Hair


Medium to Long


Naturally Curly

I had to really try hard not to use Rihanna for every example ya'll, but what can i say shes had some great hairstyles!!

The Outfit

Outfits for Valentines Day should just ultimately fit your style. Check out my "Fashion Musts" post for a little guidance on developing your style. Below are a few outfit inspirations for Valentines' day or night:


V-day 1

V-day 3

V-day 4


V-day 2

V-day 5

V-day 6

The Scent

You've got to smell good ladies! The proper scent can trigger an innate sense of attraction and desire.
I break smell goods down into a few categories; Flirty Floral, Sultry/Sexy, Fresh, and Fun & Fruity

Here are a few options for each category:

Flirty Floral
Reb'l Fleur
The scents of tuberose, violet, and hiscubus flowers are strong in this perfume.
It has a scent with an heir of sophistication without being too serious.
Very sweet and flirty, its a delighful smell for day or night. 
Noir Tease by Victoria Secret
This is one scent that will have him trailing behind you like a puppy dog all night.
Very grown 'n' sexy, your sure to be a real "tease" with this one.

Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Perfume

Strong notes of cucumber and frosted melon give this perfume a crisp, clean vibe that is
sweet & feminine at the same time.

Fun & Fruity
DKNY Be Delicious
The fun and fruity green apple scent is to die for! The citrus undertones make it more 
of a daytime scent, but it can be worked for nighttime as well.

You guys can check out Ashley's post on her favorite scents if you all want a few more ideas to choose from.

Whoo! Now I think all of the elements are covered. I hope this post was informative and helpful to you guys in preparing for the grand day of LOOOVVVEEEE. Until next time!


Friday, January 20, 2012

How to Dress Like Kim Kardashian

Who doesn’t want to look like Kim Kardashian? Her style is effortlessly chic and feminine.  She is definitely one of my style icons so take a look at my Look for Less pics and be inspired.

The Looks

Makeup Looks

Isn’t Kimmie GORGG!? Her style can be emulated on the low end. Just keep a blazer, heels and a form fitting dress on deck and you are ready to be a Kardashian! Remember make fashion simple; and then add a touch of glam.

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