Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mini Jewelry Haul!

HELLO! I am back with another post, today I will be sharing with you all some great jewelry pieces I found at Sam Moon and Forever21. I am a bling queen! I am a Texas girl through and through so for me the bigger and gaudier the better! I hope you guys like my new stuffJ

I saw this bracelet and I had to have it! Look at all of those colors, it just sparkles and will be a statement piece paired with any ensemble.

I told yall I love me some animal print didn't I? This bracelet is BIG, which is a must. The animal print keeps it from being boring and the neutral colors will go well with everyday outfits. 

I'm fancy huh? These are pretty large as well and with my hair being long I need more earrings that will stand out. 

Make way for the BLING QUEEN lol these earrings remind me of Princess Diana for some reason. They are GORGG to be so cheap and I'll wear them with casual or evening attire.

I need more necklaces and I thought this was a good deal for the price. I also love the length. 

Well this was my “Jewelry Haul” I am always searching for new pieces to add to my collection! I hope I inspired some of my fellow bling queens. Toodles <3

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