Thursday, January 5, 2012

Coco Chanel Inspired Fashion

Hey guys, it’s Ashley here with another blog entry. This evening I would like to put the spotlight on the one and only 
Coco Chanel, her clothes stand the test of time and make any woman feel like a grand dame. Since most of us cannot afford the real deal I have picked out some fashions from various places to help you achieve your look for a more reasonable cost.

The Inspiration

The Looks

Tweed Jacket
Chanel Tweed Jacket $1680
This jacket is fabulous, it just exudes femininity and class. A piece like this will last you a lifetime.

the look for less...

Chanel Inspired Tweed Jacket $125

Houndstooth Print Suit
Chanel Houndstooth Suit $2365
One word: gorgg! This suit is perfect for work, church, a luncheon; you name it. Houndstooth is also a very chic and happening print.

the look for less...

Kim Kardashian in Salvatore Ferragamo $800

Chanel Flats
Chanel Ballet Flats $600
Not only are these flats adorable but they show off that elegant Chanel logo. Any woman's feet would be proud to show them off.

the look for less

Chanel Inspired Flats $35

Chanel Flap Bag
2011 Chanel Flap Bag $3200
This is my favorite item on the list, who wouldn't want to carry this bag? The black and gold compliment each other perfectly and will jazz up any outfit.

the look for less...

Chanel Replica Flap Bag $140

Chanel Logo Earrings
Chanel Platinum and Diamond Logo Earrings $300
Aren't you blinded by all of the sparkle; great investment if you are really a Chanel guru.

the look for less...

Chanel Inspired Earrings
Charmed by Stacy $15

I hope you all found this post to be informative, we can all be Chanel divas and not have to spend thousands of dollars. There are Chanel inspired pieces all over so have a ball shopping. Make fashion simple and then add a touch of glam. Goodnight mesdemoiselles. 

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