Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cool Ways to Store Your Jewelry & Perfume

Hey bloggers! I have been talking about accessories a lot lately. Most girls have an abundance of stuff lol; bracelets, rings, lotion etc.  This post is to show fashionable ways to store your goodies without having your items scattered all over the house. Enjoy!


You like?? I like for all of my perfume and jewelry to be on display because it helps me get ready faster in the morning; so I invested in these cool trays and ring holder. 

Zebra Jewelry Box: Gift
Black Jewelry Holders and Ring Stand: The Icing Boutique $12--$20
Vintage Perfume Trays: My Grandmother's

More Fun Ideas 
OKAY, I have wanted a dress form (wire or fabric) for some time now. I enjoy sewing and plan to take it up again whenever I can find the time. Not only are they great for my fellow creative spirits but they are perfect for displaying your cute knick knacks. I will definitely be investing in one as soon as I can.


I loveeeeeee this! I have seen a lot of pretty wire dress forms at Marshall's for about $30, you can also find the fabric ones on Amazon.com or home goods stores. I have also seen people display a pretty dress on their form, it all depends on you! 

Remember make fashion simple; and then add a touch of glam.

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