Saturday, January 21, 2012

♥ Get Ready for Valentines Day ♥

Hey dolls, Jaz' here! Valentines' Day is right around the corner and I know you girls wanna look your best on this special, lovely day. So I'm here with a few tips and ideas for you all to look your best. Lets start with the face.


My take on makeup for Valentines Day is that it should be very natural for the most part. Play up your natural beauty by enhancing but not over-covering the features that attracted your beau to you in the first place. For a day-date, I would suggest a neutral eye with some winged liner and either a nude or a warm pink lip-glossed, lip. Kind of the flawless, no-makeup makeup look. If you are going out at night of course you want to be a little more dramatic with your look. For this, I would suggest a cat-eye, some blush that is complimentary to your skin tone, and a either a bold red or bold pink lip achieved with lipstick. If you, however, feel that your eyes are a better feature for you than your lips you may want to do a smokey eye and keep everything else very, very neutral. Ultimately the real rule here is to play to what you feel is your most naturally beautiful feature, enhance it, and leave everything else fairly simple. Take inspiration from the makeup looks on these ladies below:


Now with hair, I will just give you guys a few photo suggestions, but for the most part, I suggest something fun, flowy, and feminine.

Short to Medium Length Hair


Medium to Long


Naturally Curly

I had to really try hard not to use Rihanna for every example ya'll, but what can i say shes had some great hairstyles!!

The Outfit

Outfits for Valentines Day should just ultimately fit your style. Check out my "Fashion Musts" post for a little guidance on developing your style. Below are a few outfit inspirations for Valentines' day or night:


V-day 1

V-day 3

V-day 4


V-day 2

V-day 5

V-day 6

The Scent

You've got to smell good ladies! The proper scent can trigger an innate sense of attraction and desire.
I break smell goods down into a few categories; Flirty Floral, Sultry/Sexy, Fresh, and Fun & Fruity

Here are a few options for each category:

Flirty Floral
Reb'l Fleur
The scents of tuberose, violet, and hiscubus flowers are strong in this perfume.
It has a scent with an heir of sophistication without being too serious.
Very sweet and flirty, its a delighful smell for day or night. 
Noir Tease by Victoria Secret
This is one scent that will have him trailing behind you like a puppy dog all night.
Very grown 'n' sexy, your sure to be a real "tease" with this one.

Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon Perfume

Strong notes of cucumber and frosted melon give this perfume a crisp, clean vibe that is
sweet & feminine at the same time.

Fun & Fruity
DKNY Be Delicious
The fun and fruity green apple scent is to die for! The citrus undertones make it more 
of a daytime scent, but it can be worked for nighttime as well.

You guys can check out Ashley's post on her favorite scents if you all want a few more ideas to choose from.

Whoo! Now I think all of the elements are covered. I hope this post was informative and helpful to you guys in preparing for the grand day of LOOOVVVEEEE. Until next time!


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