Sunday, January 22, 2012

Head to Head: Viva La Juicy vs. Peace Love & Juicy

Hey bloggers, its Jaz' here and I wanted to compare two popular Juicy Couture fragrances to give you all my take on the scents and which one I think wins in a head to head battle.

Okay lets start with VIVA LA JUICY:
This scent has vanilla, sandlewood, honeysuckle, and jasmine as some of its most prevalent components giving it a rich scent with strong floral notes. Vanilla is probably the strongest scent though, making the perfume undeniably sweet and feminine. Its a very strong scent in my opinion and it lasts all day. Best for nighttime, this is definitely one for my glam divas.

This scent has meyer lemon, honeysuckle, sweet red apple, jasmine, and magnolia as some of its most prevalent components giving it a light fruity scent mixed with sweet florals. This bright scent is also very feminine and soft, though the citrus gives it the punch it needs to grab attention. Coined by some as the "hippie-scent" of the brand, it seems like a scent for my eccentric, go-with-the-flow girlies.

The Verdict: I think Peace, Love, & Juicy wins this head to head, simply because I think its much more versatile. It gives you the best of both worlds by combining citrusy scents with florals to give a smell that is light and fun enough for day, yet flirty and sassy enough for night. Both are great fragrances, but I think that Viva La Juicy has its place more in night time scenes and special events. Peace, Love, & Juicy is my signature scent and I love that I can wear it everyday if I choose and not feel "overdone" in the scent department. And as I said before it still makes enough of a statement that I get complimented during nights out with lots of "mmmm's" and "oohhh you smell good's". Viva La Juicy will still remain a scent I switch it up with when I get the urge because it is quite a lovely scent also. Besides the smell, two very important factors in picking your signature scent are your personality and how the scent mixes with your body composition. Viva La Juicy may make a great signature scent for someone whose personality and body composition differ from mine.

Until next time!!

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