Friday, December 16, 2011

Weaved Up!

Its Jaz' here, & i said, yes I said it...i am WEAVED UP and glad about it! The hair is ModelModel Equal Pretty Curl 18in in a color 1B. I did a full sew-in (no leave-out) using two and a half bags & its cost??? 10 dollars. Now it is a blend of hair, meaning that it is not fully human but not fully synthetic either. While I would NEVER purchase a straight hair weave that is synthetic in any form, I don't mind doing it with a curly 'do. Curly hair requires much less wear and tear to be put on it than straight hair and can become even cuter as it ages and frizzes. I've had this hair for about 2 weeks now and its not very much maintenance at all. To care for it, I just use a vent brush to detangle and Wave Nouveau Moisturizing Finishing Mist to soften and define the curls. To preserve the hair I sleep with a bonnet at night. You can also put the hair into big twist at night if you are looking to further preserve the curl. The hair does tangle and shed, which is to be expected, but its not unbearable. I plan on keeping this hair 2-3 more weeks. Below is a shot of my hair on the first day I did it and a shot of how it looks now that its 2wks later. (<----- Day 1 on left, Day 14 on right ---->)


Notice how in the day 14 shot, the hair is bigger and the curls slightly looser. See, told ya, gets better with time if ya ask me ;)

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