Monday, December 19, 2011

How to Wear Leggings

LEGGINGS 101: A Step by Step Guide

Per request from one of my good friends I have decided to also do a how-to blog on leggings. They are a very versatile item to own and can be a much more fashionable (and comfy) alternative to jeans.

Step 1: Let's start with the basics

  • These days you can find leggings in every color and style imaginable, so I can imagine how shopping for a pair could be overwhelming. If you are a newbie in the leggings world I would recommend starting with black or brown.
Step 2: Cut 

  • The most popular length for leggings are ankle length (which flatter everyone) but you can also find those that hit mid-calf. For me, being 5'2 I steer clear of these because they tend to make my legs look chunky! Mid-calf leggings are more for the tall and lean girl.
Step 3: Proportion 

  • Speaking of chunky, lol, let me just say that I embrace being a curvy woman and I strive to show that fashion is not dependent on your weight...BUT the main issue I see with leggings are that (thicker) women do not pick leggings that will flatter their bodies. For example, if you have a Nicki Minaj booty do not try and wear leggings as pants, you will cheapen the look and add pounds that aren't really there. Also, darker shades are always flattering, but I know my true fashionistas will want to step outside of the box. Printed leggings are HAWT right now, my trick to balancing out my curves with the print is wearing an over-sized tunic in a neutral shade. 
Step 4: Invest in Items to Pair with Your Leggings

  • I think leggings look best when paired with a flowy top or dress, tunics or a short skirt. My rule is if you are going to keep it tight at the bottom, keep it flowy at the top and vice versa.
 Step 5: Shoes

  • You can wear heels with your leggings but I wouldn't pull out the 6 inch pumps! They look best paired with ballet flats, boots, moccasins, boots and especially oxfords.

Here are some looks for you to try...

I really hope these tips and pictures helped you guys out! Leggings are fun, enjoy experimenting! Until next time my fellow fashion dolls, remember make fashion simple then add a touch of glam :)



  1. I hate that I have to be logged into my blogspot to comment but aaahh! I love your page (: Ashley,you have to totally come over sometime this break and help me fix my wardrobe and go shopping with me...

    uhm, more like give me an entire makeover!

  2. Thanks so much for supporting our blog Amnah! And you just let me know and we can hook that up :))))))))

  3. I really like this section seeing as how tight will be all that I can wear after a while lol, but now I know how to dress them up and I don't have to worry much about how and what to wear them with!!

  4. Thank u so much! Experiment girl it's half the fun. Stay tuned for more cool posts :)