Friday, December 16, 2011

Nail Trends: What to try and What to Ditch

I told you all I would be back very soon, ha ha ha. I really enjoyed creating my first post yesterday (<---see me sporting the animal scarf trend!) so I decided to have some more fun with my fellow bloggers. Enjoy loves :)


Ombre just basically means the graduation of color. You have seen various stars such as Khloe Kardashian rocking the ombre look in her hair but this trend has now moved down to our nails. I have personally been wanting to try this out for awhile but I have yet to find a manicurist with the skill to achieve the look, but for those of you are fortunate enough to not live in a college town I say GO FOR IT. They are glam-tastic and you can choose from a variety of colors.

So this is a picture of my latest manicure and I have received SO many compliments on them. A lot of women like to add glitter to their nails with a polish but I have found a much better technique. The same materials a manicurist uses to apply glitter to the tip of your nail, just have he/she apply it to the whole nail. This process lasts a lot longer than polish due to the lack of chipping and best of all no drying time!

Since every woman does not like for her nails to be very flashy or for those who do not have that option (due to your job etc) I have found the perfect solution for you. Nude nails are not only sophisticated but they match every outfit. The Dior polish to my right looks gorgg but for my frugalistas brands like Revlon or Essie have many options as well.

Now for my trends to DITCH....

OK, I know the picture is cute but I am SO OVER crackled nails. I too, at a point in time loveedddd crackle but after awhile it just started to look tacky. This look, like so many other trends, had it's time. And like most good things, they eventually must come to an end. Just let it

Let me just start by saying I wore zebra nails to my high school prom... that was back in 2009! Why people are still checking for this look I do not know. I think this is great for the 13-18 crowd but any older you just start to look childish and dare I say... tacky! And it's not just zebra, I see them in cheetah and leopard as well. Leave the wild kingdom nails to the kiddies...please.

Well that is all for now world, I hope I gave you all some useful nail tips to try out this season; and remember make fashion simple then add a touch of glam.

Au Revoir!

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