Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Jackie O Inspired Fashion

Hello again bloggers, lately I have noticed my style becoming more refined and classic like the late-great Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. I have always been a fan of her fashion, but lately more so than usual. While shopping with my mom today at Forever21 I found some great pieces that are sophisticated while still trendy. Enjoy!

My Inspiration

I am DROOLING over this Chanel bag, so vintage, so Jackie.

When in doubt grab a pair of pearls, you will always look classy! For a younger look try a long pair.

My "Jackie O" Inspired Items

I had to have these flats! Aren't they adorable? I am in love with cardigans right now so these will fit perfectly into my wardrobe. Only $15.

This cardigan has now completed my life. As soon as I saw it I envisioned like 10 outfits to pair this with. It reminds me of vintage Chanel and the chain detail looks so luxe. $27.

Yes, MORE flats! What can I say, I adore them. You can never have too many flats and these can transition from day to night. $16.

My mom picked this out and at first I wasn't in love with it but once I tried it on I was all in. The material is very soft and the cream color is very pretty. $12. 

OK, I did not buy these from Forever21 but since this post is inspired by the pearl-necklace connoisseur I figured why not include them? I purchased this necklace from a woman on the square (an outdoor boutique) who specializes in re-creating designer jewelry. I purchased one for my mom also and we love this necklace! Every girl should own a pair of pearls. $20. 

Well this was my Jackie O inspired list, as I said my style is really evolving into more simple cuts and classic lines. She is the perfect muse! More blogs coming soon. Make fashion simple, then add a touch of glam.


  1. Wow, this is a fabulous inspiration style. Welcome to blogging world your style is very classy & sassy. --Happy Holidays--


  2. Thanks so much :)) I really appreciate, stay tuned we have even more fabulous posts coming soon! I subscribed your blog (gorgg btw) subscribe back girlfriendd! <3 Happy Holidays to you as well!