Friday, December 16, 2011

My Favorite Items of the Moment

       Hello blog-dolls, welcome to my first post! Sorry it is coming so late! But I am excited to begin dropping my style-savvy knowledge on the masses. #LEGGO

This is probably my favorite item on the list solely because of its versatility. I love buying pieces that can transition from day to night. I usually wear mine with a nice pair of skinnies, but you can pair them with a dress or skirt and be just as fly-yy.

Knuckle rings are so edgy and cool and most importantly inexpensive. I have found some great ones at Sam Moon or Forever21 for under $10! My collection just continues to grow :) These fabulous pieces of jewelry are perfect for everyday and if you want to pump up your glam-swag for the evening just find one with lots of bling.  

70s fashion is back in action from the Farrah Fawcett waves to palazzo pants! But the most "groovy" item thus far has to be the fur vest trend. Stars from Rihanna to Rachel Zoe have been rocking the look and it is hawt, hawt, hawt. The best thing about this look is that it is easy to imitate without spending celebrity mulaa... Don't be afraid to try new things, stick with a neutral shade (brown, black or tan) and pair with a cute top and you have now become a trendsetter. 

Animal print scarves are legit to say the least and like knuckle rings my collection keeps getting bigger and bigger. They come in many patterns such as cheetah, zebra or python and not only do they keep you warm they instantly jazz up an outfit. On a lazy day I love to wear a basic tunic and jeans, then throw on a scarf. People won't even know you got dressed in ten minutes!

I hope you all enjoyed my first post, expect more to come along with video posts very soon; and remember make fashion simple then add a touch of glam.

Smooches loves <3

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