Monday, January 16, 2012

Five Ways to Wear Brooches

Brooches are one of the many things in 2012 that I plan to incorporate into my wardrobe. They can range from high end to low end and can be worn in many different ways. I ordered three from Amazon last night so when they come in I will share my goodies with you all. For my elegant fashionistas out there, here are five ways I plan on wearing them.

1. With a Blazer
Doesn't she look cool? I plan to wear my new brooches with my beloved blazers; don't be afraid to pile them on, just make sure they are all cohesive. 

2. On a Scarf
This look can be sophisticated yet can be worn on a casual day. You can mix and match scarves and brooches until you find a combo you like. 

3. With a Collard Shirt
The crisp white shirt, the fur vest and the cameo brooch... ahhhh GORGG! 

4. On a Sweater
Chain brooches are soooo trendy and cool! They look great on a sweater or a blazer; couldn't you so see Rihanna wearing this brooch?

5. On Ballet Flats
These Mui Mui flats would be quite drab without the added brooches on the sides; who doesn't have a pair of boring flats? Jazz them up with some blinging brooches! 

Well now you guys know about my new obsession lol! I plan to start a collection of unique and beautiful brooches! I hope you all will try them out too. Remember make fashion simple; and then add a touch of glam. 

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